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Terry Nolan
Annette Bellucci
Boca Grande

We hired Tammy Wallingsford to DJ and our wedding and reception.  We got much more than we bargained for!  Fun and organization.

When we first spoke, she sent us a contract and a list of ideas for our reception, some of which we had already thought of and most not.   This was our first introduction to her extreme organization and prep skills.  Tammy thought of everything.  We had no wedding planner and with her skills we discovered that we really did not need a planner for the reception.  Her contracted rate was in our budget and well worth her fee.

We met with Tammy a month before the wedding to discuss music, the venue, and her placement at the reception.    We had a beach wedding and she was there for our wedding music, dinner music and then dancing.  Her music knowledge and collection is vast.  Tammy has a great feel for the music that fits the mood.  Every song was on target to the group attending our wedding and reception.

Her roll in keeping things on track as we were too busy with guests and having fun was invaluable.  We did some traditional things and some not so traditional things and she was there every step of the way providing entertainment and focus.

Would I hire her for an event again?  In a heart beat!  She did a great job providing fun entertainment, organization and focus. This let us tend to our guests and not worry about the next thing on the agenda.

Hire Tammy and you won’t be disappointed.  Great Job.  Great Value. Great Time

John A.

I met Tammy through my fiance who decided to give me a surprise birthday party. I’ve never had one before and when my mother, brother and niece came out from the bed room to surprise me you could have knocked me over with a feather. They live over on the other side of the state and I never expected them to fly across just for a birthday. However my fiance thought that this year was a milestone birthday (won’t tell you the age) so she went all out for this one. I can’t tell you what a great time I had and how moved I was to see so many of my close friends and family wishing me a “Happy Birthday”!
My fiance told me that without Tammy’s help she could not have made my birthday as special as it was, and it was special. She said she and Tammy worked this out in about a month and Tammy knew just what to do and how to do it. The music Tammy played kept the party going all night long! She showed me Tammy’s website and where it says,”Where your event dreams come true”, believe it!…….Happy memories, John Anthony











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